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Bumper's Glog

Figured I would set up my own thread rather than photobomb everyone else's.  Just finishing setting up a new grow tent,  so will post some pics of the plants outside and the new set up over the next few days.  Cheers, Bumper.  
Bumper said:
It really is a buzz isn't it.  I get up in the morning, make a cup of coffee and head out into the chilli garden and check out each of them.  We have 4 1/2 to 5 months of our season here to go, can't wait to see where these get to by then. 
It really is. Oh they'll get big for sure, you'll see.
Your avatar pic reminded me what a good combination some of that salami, cheese and pickled peppers is. Gonna enjoy that all winter :)
The best is if you can get some local meat from the folks you know... not that store crap.
The first crop of aji amarillo is close.  Loads of new flowers putting out pods and a good 5 months of growing ahead, things are looking good!! 
The first crop of aji amarillo is close.  Loads of new flowers putting out pods and a good 5 months of growing ahead, things are looking good!! 


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MarianneW said:
Sweet! About how long would you say that it took the pod to start to turn?
About 2 1/2 months from set.  I started the plants pretty early inside though.  A bunch more have colour now too. 
Been a while.  Between my old computer giving up the ghost and work, it has been a few drinks between posts.  Have picked a bunch of early pods, the second year ghost has already given me a kg of pods.  Bahamian goat, reaper, thai, purple ufo, lemon, aji amarillo and tobasco all going well.  

No idea why the pics rotate on here, they are fine on my drive.  Oh well.  All growing great!  Also habanero was the first one in the previous post.  


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Wow nice Bumper! I'm seriously jealous! Still waiting for my superhots but have enough birds eye and cayenne to keep me slightly satisfied until then. Still wish I had your pods though!
Trident chilli said:
Bumper Jamaican Gold has escaped me ... can you tell me more about this pod ... is it a bonnet hybrid
Not a lot about this pepper to be found, but I think it is a bonnet. scoville sites list them at 350,000, and they smell and taste like a bonnet to me. I need to process them today so will take a photo for you of the inside of the pods and a couple more of the plant.
I would be interested in your thoughts on it actually, as I personally think the pods look like MOA Jamaican yellows.  
Comments and links from the web.  
Capsicum annuum variety with interesting form of pods, strong heat and very nice taste. Nobody knows if this variety and the corresponding red one are results of a cross with Capsicum chinense variety. Both flavor and heat are very unusual in the context of Capsicum annuum.
Jungle rain - where I bought them from:
Jake checked out Grant's site ... the picture shown is a "Jamaican Mushroom" to most a C. Annuum although there was a debate wether it was also Chinense .. your Gold looks like an elongated version of this variety

Either way I grew this variety a few seasons ago and it was good in heat and taste
Some pics of peppers!  picking over a kg a week now.  
Reaper in half, gnarly red bhut, bunch of peppers going in for smoking and some aji amarillo about to be turned into paste, and lastly a pick of a weekly haul! 


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