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chinense Burmese Naga ? Pure Evil ?

Hi Guy's

Any body growing this variety ? It sounds nasty ! :mouthonfire:

I watched two Videos on you tube first " The Burmese Naga-blistering hot by Nigel Carter" and another "Cem Dervish is here to reveiw Burmese Naga chilli -NEUK Chilli-heads" both seem to point to this being pure evil :hell: hotter than the Dorset Naga and a more aggressive burn etc

I'd be interested to see how it compares to the Dorset in form, growth and production ?

Any pics of the plants etc would be great 👍

:thumbsup: Thanks don't know how I missed that :whistle:

Still like to hear from a current grower .............expecting the seeds to hit my door mat next week..........not sure whether to sow this year or keep till next .......🤔
Hi Guy's

Ended up sowing the Burmese Naga seed I March very late for me here in Scotland but hopefully it will produce 🤞


I have a few but this is the best ................so hopefully I will get to find out if its the Devil incarnate :dance:

I'd be interested to see how it compares to the Dorset in form, growth and production ?

Grown Burmese Naga (and it's cousin Myanmar Naga) years ago for a couple seasons then i was not able to germinate it again as my stock aged...
Less productive than Dorset, later producer, bigger and hotter pods. Despite the name it's closer to a "fat" bhut.
There was a very distinct bitter note in his flavor, never found it in another bhut/naga types.

Good luck with it!

Hi Guy's

My Burmese naga was late sown but has come on in its wee 5 litre pot ........


Never grown Burmese Naga before.........very different from my Dorset Naga seem to have a blunt tip.


The younger pod's have a more traditional Naga look really looking forward to trying these 😋

Hi Guy's

Just picked my first ripe Burmese naga :dance:I've two plant's one in a 5 litre/1.3 gallon pot and another a late convert to Kratky hydroponics......that went a bit mental and started growing like a weed :rolleyes: but finally started pumping out flower's and then pod's so it's a bit behind the potted plant but twice the size ! Covered in pod's :cool:

Agree with statements bigger than the Dorset Naga......re less productive I'm not sure yet certainly my Kratky one !!

And can't comment on flavour or heat yet..........🤔 update to follow I haven't noticed the sweat fruity smell that my Dorset Naga pod's have when held in the hand and inhaled 😋😁


Good sized pod's particularly from a small pot and like I said I can't comment on heat or flavour yet but certainly an interesting variety of Naga and possibly worth more exploration I particularly like how the pod's are more knarly 😎


A wee side note my later pod's are definitely more "pointy" ..............
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