business CALIFORNIA: About to start production - what is the protocol for storing the bottles of hotsauce?

Hello All!

We are nearing the final stages of producing the first pallet of hotsauce with a co-packer.

They have indicated that we need to store the hotsauce in a CPDH approved food storage facility. Can somebody provide their expertise on how they stored their commercially produced hotsauce and any recommendations on next steps?

So far this is what I have done:

- I've submitted a request via CDPH's website to get an approved list of storage facilities, but have little luck in their responses.
- I have contacted several local food storage facilities and they only deal with high volume customers
- I've skimmed through the CDPH Food Code (below) and didn't see information leading me to storage facilities


Thank you in advance!

I dont know anything about CA food laws, but could it be as simpke as a separate, isolated, controlled storage
A storage unit..,?

There are usually rules about storingbin a residence. 🤷

Good luck with your new hot sauce venture!
Have fun!
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Doesn't sound like law sounds like something enforced by the co-packer as an extra layer of liability protection since they produced it.
If it's not in the CA code, you might want to check Federal code: 21 CFR 117. I'm pretty sure that has regulations for food storage. It also outlines what sort of businesses are exempt from certain regulations and what those are.