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Can You Guess Who This Person Is? Game

Name some facts about a person, fictional or nonfictional, and let the next person try to guess who it is then follow it up with a question of his/her own. OR you can use a photo. I'll start with a fairly easy one...

He was known as the Man of Steal in baseball. Once he stole 130 bases in a single season and holds the career record for stolen bases (1,406), runs scored (2,295) and leadoff home runs (81). He was the American League MVP in 1990 and inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009. Who is this person?
yup,the greatest coke head player of all time,lol.

you beat me to it hops dang you.

o.k. i goty 1,,,,,,,

baseball first player to have a 3 million dollar contract.
Kirby Puckett was the first 3 million dollar man. I had to search that one!

He was know as The Governator and sleeps with his maids. Who is he?
This person was born on January 8th in Tupelo, Mississippi and died on August 16th at age 42 in Memphis, Tennessee. Who is this person?

Don't forget to follow it up with one of your own please.
This Hero quit his NFL job to join the Army Rangers after 9-11 but died in Afghanistan from friendly fire protecting us from terrorism. Who is he?
He said, "read my lips, no new taxes". Who is he?

(Remember if you answer, follow it up with another who is this person question. Thanks)
wait one second no one has answered my question.
i didnt ask because i wanted to make sure i got the answer right.

george bush sr.

he created a national banking system,resulting in standarized currency
ill give you another hint he was murdered.
Ben Bernanke... Oh wait,I thought you said he needed murdered.

Abe Lincoln

Nicknamed "Mr. 59" after shooting that score in the second round of the 1977 Danny Thomas Memphis Classic. First time it was ever done in a PGA Tour event.