Candy for Andy

Sawyer said:
Last pound is spoken for via pm. I'll take stock and mull things over tonight and extend a revised offer tomorrow.
Okay, I have four pounds of maple-flavored, medium heat Lava Bar candy left from this current batch. Minimum price is $25/lb.

From each order payment I'll retain $10 to cover the $7.90 cost of shipping a SFRB, any PayPal fees (can be avoided by selecting "Friends and Family" option on PayPal), and gasoline for the trip to the Post Office. I've exhausted my shipping budget for the month; will revisit the matter in August.

So, for each pound ordered at $25, $15 goes to Andy's PayPal account. Any amount you send in excess of $25 passes through directly to Andy.
luvmesump3pp3rz said:
John/Sawyer i got my box today and because the weather is pretty hot i tossed it in the fridge. i`m not big on candy but wanted to donate to andy so bought this. i just tried it and it`s very good.  as soon as i started opening the wax paper wrapper the natural maple smell filled my nose. heat level is nice, it is  a really nice product. thank you!!!
Thanks again, Kevin. Not that it's a particularly important point, but the bars are wrapped in food-grade parchment paper, not wax paper. Exposed to heat, it will absorb butter from the candy and that can give it a sort of wax paper appearance.