Canedog ‘Tis the Season Seasonal Seed Give-Away

dragonsfire said:
Brazilian Starfish would be nice :D

DF.  Got your PM.  Changed your order to a Rocoto Costa Rica Red with a side of Starfish.
The Rocoto CRR are a really nice growing plant and the peppers have a good Rocoto heat kick to them.
OK, well I suppose it’s time to shut things down and get seeds in the mail before USPS shuts down for the Holiday.  Here’s who I have down.  If I’m missing you, let me know ASAP.  I’ll PM each person soon to confirm and plan to send everything out tomorrow.
  • Orekoc -
  • Bob65
  • BigOIB
  • Catherinew
  • Orrevs
  • Dragonsfire
Wishing everyone on THP a fantastic 2019!
Seeds arrived today.
They are all happy to become Australian citizens.
CD you are a legend mate. I only asked for the Aleppo and you threw a whole bunch of others in to make my next season great.

That's awesome news!  They got there fast.  I was a bit concerned about when and even if they'd make it to you, especially mailing around the Holidays.
Hope they grow well for you!