Can't Post into Glogs

Well, I've been trying to post into my glog this morning and I can't.
I've tried several times, and it seems I have to re-upload the pictures as well, which are being counted against my limit. Is there a way to figure out what's going on?
FYI - I was finally able to post. The problem is when using the More Reply Options button. When clicking Post, I get a 500 status code back from the page (Internal Server Error) after tracing the POST request, which tells me something is going on with the site/server. Something the site admins should look.
Sometimes. But it usually returns to normal after
a short time. Don’t know if it’s my browser,  my
network, the forum, or the internet. Maybe they
are glitches in the matrix.
Well, it seems like it was sorted out, but now the pictures I post stay up for a day or 2 and then get deleted.
I can no longer see them in My Media, and it's happened with the last 2 posts. Any idea what is going on?