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CAP 1469 = C. frutescens ??

I don´t know if this is a C. frutescens as described in the database of IPK

Never have seen a C. frutescens with round fruits that do not fall from the stem, when ripe.

Only one flower per node




Anyone here who can comment on this?

Definitely C. frutescens you are correct about C. frutescens not having the round shape but there are few that are round CAP 6691 / CGN22080 from Costa Rica is round too I have some seeds I planted some few years back and it was huge bush.
Also, ( Ekirike) is another round C. frutescens from northern parts of South America

The round C. frutescens are few but they exist
i knew that wild annums and chin, tepins, cumari, and other wild ones,all have small round pods full of seeds, funny how all diffrent pepper species all look similar in wild form.