capsaicin Capsaicin and Aspartame

Aspartame tastes horrible. My heat tolerance is pretty high. Even when I was very young my baseline tolerance was higher than most adults I knew.
P.S. Aspartame tastes horrible.
I can't stand it either. I do like the
Saccharin tho. I also have a pretty high tolerance to capsaicin but don't plan on trying it out interesting as it may be.
I just tried my favorite hot sauce (Cajohns el chupacabra very hot I might add it has a ton of different supers in it) in two different scenarios first I drank 1/4 cup water then took a toothpick with a decent amount of sauce and tried it. Then for the second I waited 30min and re did the test this time with diet soda.

My final conclusion is the diet soda was less hot but a longer burn I felt.
Definitely was interesting would be cool to try with a super.
Aspartame is poison.
Long time drinkers of it------give it up for a month and see if your muscle cramps, arthritis, brain fog, and energy levels get better.
It's a neurotoxin, so a good reason the receptors are scrambled.
Aspartame, along with all artificial sweeteners, destroy your nervous system. 
Don't chew gum or drink diet soda or consume any kind of product with aspartame, you'll go blind and lose the feeling in your fingers!!!
As an ex-professional scientist with no connections to any company or the FDA, I have looked at some of the data published in peer-reviewed scientific literature and there is no evidence whatsoever that Aspartame has ANY effect on the Nervous system in Humans using it as a sweetener. None, Zero, Nada, f**k all. Monsodium glutamate is far, far more toxic. Normal fruit juice, or beer or wine - all have higher methanol levels and methanol is neurotoxic. 
Unless you basically eat a 50mg/kg body weight or more of the stuff, it`s safer than 99% of what you find in any health food store - for me that would be 5g of Aspartame. Don`t believe me if you don`t want to, but having a friend of a friend of a friend that gets headaches after drinking diet soda is NOT evidence of anything. 
It is one of the most studied compounds in the history of science and while there are thousands of internet claims of cancer, headaches, neurotoxicity and the like, the only potential issue is with Phenylketonuria, as one of the metabolites of Aspartame is Phenylalanine. 

The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
Volume 5, Issue 6, June 1994, Pages 266–283

Aspartame consumption: lack of effects on neural function
  • The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, Center for Neurochemistry, Orangeburg, NY USA
Aspartame is NOT a neurotoxin in doses anyone could or would consume. If you eat 5g of Aspartame in one dose, then it must be Natural Selection at work, because that is just plain stupid. It is metabolised very quickly in the gut to aspartate and phenylalanine, both are amino acids that are found in every protein you`ve ever eaten. There is also a small amount methanol produced, which is metabolised to formaldehyde, then formate by the liver. There is more methanol in beer than is produced by whopping does of Aspartame that nobody would EVER eat. Also bear in mind that only a small proportion of Aspartame metabolites are actually found in the bloodstream. 

Everything is a poison at some level of consumption. Capsaicin, for instance. I`ve even come across cases of people who have died from drinking too much water. So water must be toxic, too. 
GnomeGrown said:
There has to be a backstory if you are just going to throw this bone out to the ravenous dogs of THP. 
Spill the beans, Nigel.
I have a PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics, postdoctoral training in genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and neurobiology, written $5 million grants to the NIH, been a staff scientist at a world renowned Institute, had my own research group and got extremely pissed off and very unhappy with all the bullshit politics, so I quit in 2006 to be a Professional golfer. It`s been financially challenging, but I`ve become myself again and I`m happy. Without my fantastic Wife, Jill, I would not have been able to do this, but she is my number 1 supporter.