chinense Carolina reapers turned white in window?

I put several half ripe carolina reapers pods on my window sill to ripen them a bit more before dehydrating (first frost made picking early necessary) and they have developed big white spots. I've not had this happen any of the other times I've put reapers in the window to ripen (or on the plant).

Any ideas what could cause this?


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You might have White Reapers and they are ripening.
white carolina reapers.jpg

white carolina reapers 2.jpg
Sunburn?  I've nuked leaves like that in a fresh out of the growbox/left in a really sunny ass window all day.  Idk,  otherwise, maybe some sort of bacterial rot?  I'm totally guessing on that now, but agree w/ NE chileman-  what's it like when you cut it open?
I know I've seen pods like that on some plants over the years, but I never investigated-  grew a lot at the time and would just cut them off and throw them somewhere.
It seems to have normal flesh on the inside as far as I can tell... the peppers are /slightly/ soft, but no more than how my peppers often end up in that window. It gets pretty hot between the curtain and the window on sunny days so I believe they cook just a wee bit. Every time I've put peppers in that window (regardless of how ripe) they end up just slightly softened by day 2.

I dont think it's a white variety, as all the peppers prior have reached the deep red I expected (both peppers pictured are from the same plant)

I was wondering if some sort of "sunburn" could be the culprit as well, but I'm hesitant to jump to that conclusion because I've put peppers in a similar state of ripeness in that window before, for days longer, and I didn't have that issue.

The trinidad scorpions sitting in the window right next to these didn't get white spots.

Also, any tips on what to do with all of these unripened peppers? Just realized that we were getting a frost tonight and didn't have time to find a way to cover the plants sonic panicked and picked them all. From top to bottom they're Reapers, Ghosts, Scorpions, cayenne, and thai dragon. Had plenty of green serranos too, but those I have figured out


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Yeah, I know what you're saying.  It is weird how others next to it didn't.   Maybe one plant is more susceptible to the issue than the other.  I know I've had similar issues on some plants, sometimes while on the plant- but I lived in a desert at the time.  Just a guess from myself...
As for ripening green stuff I did the same thing and just threw them in a bowl since I took them off the plant.  Not sure if the brown paper bag trick works, or setting them by some other fruit works.  Somebody here should have a trick or two I imagine.  I've been lazy about it because I'm so over processing peppers right now.  But will of course miss it in a few weeks.
Ive had pods sunburn like that if a plant falls over or something and allows the sun past the foliage onto the pods. Id say it's sunburn as well.