Cat Vanishing Technique Wanted

I have been carefully babying my pepper seedlings for the past three weeks. They were about 2-3 inches tall and still had their little seed leaves. Yesterday morning I thought it would be good to leave the clear top off my tray to give them some fresh air. I came home from work and found that my wife's f'ing cat had decided to snack on my seedlings. Out of fifty seedlings, ten are completely gone, three are untouched, and the rest are just stems with no leaves. I have two questions,

1. Does anyone know how to make a cat vanish without arousing suspicion from your spouse.

2. Will the seedling stems with no leaves survive, or should I replant.
1. Call Harvey Keitel.

2. You should be OK, I'd have thought. I left a plant out in the frost last week, for two days. ALL the leaves died, but the stem survived and is now sprouting again.
#1 Dispose of the cat in a manner that leaves no mess, and (lie yer arse off) tell the bride that it must have been raptured into cat heaven because it was such a great pet. Instantly yer off the hook!

#2 I've had this problem with squirrels. The plants survived. Not sure if this is common, but in my case they recovered...The stems were about 4" tall...
2. Probably not, happened to me once, never came back.

1. Kill it, grill it, feed it to the wife...non will be the wiser...see the dog recipe thread for more recipies.... : insert evil smilie : or hit it with a baseball bat and then run over it with your car. Tell the wife it was just sitting under your tire when you backed over it. Not your fault that the car didn't more nor that you didn't see it there. I have no simpathy fpr those evil creatures that make me sneeze and eventually die...
Time you got yourself a pet :shocked:
You need to get yourself a pet fisher or maybe spray your plants with chile spray. There is also a plant called the "piss off plant" which deters cats and dogs.
bubbaschili said:
ever seen anyone shoot skeets?





I think that's how the cat-a-pult was invented.
Simple supplies, you may already have them.

1. Garbage Bag (black)
2. Can of Ether (starting fluid)
3. Cat


Toss cat in bag, empty can of contents into bag, seal off, toss in trash can.

Optional, make a gasoline trail to trash can and light the trail, leave ether in garbage bag.

[quote name='Cap'n Bones']With this crowd Fitzy, you can bet money that they are totally serious. :mouthonfire:[/QUOTE]

heh heh heh "Cat....the OTHER white meat!"