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misc Caught by surprise

Hi Guy's

I've got far too many chillies.......again ðŸĪ­ Never learn !

For what ever reason I "had" to have/try a certain varieties ......ðŸĪŠ personal recommendations read an article or saw a post that Peaked my interest ðŸĪ” Either way too many ......

Some , many disappoint............😗

However some catch you by surprise and performance catch you by surprise ! 😊

My 7 pot Douglah is one such variety I've two a kratky hydroponic and another in a 5 litre pot both have surprised me by the amount and size of pod's compared to other varieties 😎


The production has been excellent and the pod's size much better then other's.............

Haven't tasted them yet.........😋 But loving the narly look 😎

Any varieties caught you by surprise this season.........ðŸĪ”

Not speaking out of experience, but I think the heat and taste of the douglah may also take you by surprise! 😁

Personally I was also surprised by the size of the pods of my 7pot brainstrain yellow and the scotch-brains-7pot-pheno. Many are quite a bit larger than my scotch bonnets. And they're extremely productive too. Unfortunately the current weather is keeping them from ripening...
Hi Marc

Pleased to hear that as I've 7 pot brain strain yellow seeds from Justin to try 2024 along with his moruga scorpion red and yellow 😁