event Chi Town Hot Sauce Expo (June 23-24): First Annual Chicago Hot Sauce Expo

i think the tiers have changed names. at the chi town one, it was:

fyi, if you get the tickets online, it's through eventbrite which charges a fee.
only the basic ticket is discounted (which offsets that fee).
so basically you save about $2 by getting it online if you want the basic ticket, but if you want the other tickets, it's cheaper to just pay at the door.
i paid about 45 (incl fee) for the middle tier, and i felt it was a good deal although i would have rather had 5 beers and a tshirt instead of 4 beers and a lunch. both are a good deal though. totally worth it.
D3monic said:
Looks like I missed this
i was surprised that i was the first person to post it on THP, and i only heard about it from a friend who doesn't even like hot sauce... perhaps their marketing could have been better?
if it comes to chicago next year, i'll try to do a better job of spamming it here earlier and maybe PM people i know are in IL
This is what the packages look like for the one coming up by me. Looks like I'll have to pay the $75 this year. Still worth it I guess.


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That's cool!  Thanks for posting.  Hopefully others will post more pics and stories.
Seabury does events in LA, Arizona, and Portland also....and of course the original NYC show.  Heads up to folks in those areas, check 'em out and make plans to get there!  It's a laid back and fun hot sauce event.  Do It!!