well tina you were my lucky charm..i got 2nd place freestyle in the state championship and 2nd place showmanship but the best prize of all i got 3rd place in texas style casi chili
and the top 3 at the state championship automaticaly qualify to cook in the national championship in texas........so im qualified to cook in texas this year.........whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
tina i noticed you have been to my site and i wanted to say thank you and i appreciate it. i wanted you to know that i shut down bubbas chili dot com today...its a long story wouldnt want to bore you with the reason.
the main thing is at www.ncchili.com
is all the information about our pod and where we will be and results and everything about our orginization.
Hey Bubba,
sorry for the late congrats, but good job with the placings.
I went to your site earlier today will have to check if it changed since.
Good luck for you in the future cook-offs,
the website www.ncchili.com has updated pics of the last cook off here is one of me winning 4th place texas style. i placed higher than the state champion so thats why i got the big grin
they dubed this cook off "back yard no frills" cook off
there was a small crowd so i didnt get all decked out
next month in durham at the bull city challenge i will be fully bubbatiesed.
hopefuly the 2005 bubbalympics champion also