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chilli Festival playlist!

Hi chilli lovers! 
I'm organising a chilli fest in Orgiva, Spain, on the 22nd August. Just putting a playlist together with hot, heat or chilli related songs for in between the live bands! 
Favourite so far is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_narBCKAK78 Love this band! 
Here's the playlist so far...
Can any of you music loving chilli heads add to my playlist?  
Hey! thanks so much! I added some of these, much appreciated! :-)
I ended up with 103 tracks, after a slow start I started to roll, and these suggestions gave me some more search ideas. I think the playlist is now public, useful for other chilli heads putting on chilli events! 
One video done (over on the events section of the forum) more to follow time permitting. 
Thanks again! 
Thanks for posting this!
We're having a chilehead campout and potluck in a couple weeks.  The state park doesn't have internet (that I know of)  does anyone know if the playlist can be downloaded and played off of a Smartphone or tablet?

U2 Where The Streets Have No Names
EDIT- just talked to our resident internet music source expert (my teenage son :lol: ) and he knows how to download the list, get the StoopidPhoan app, edit, etc, etc...