Chilli Festival Spain!

Hi all, 
I'm one of the founders of a seed bank SEEeD in Southern Spain, this year we're growing 2012 varieties of chilli and keen to save as many varieties as we can for the bank! 
As we'll have so many pods in August it seems daft not to show em off so we're holding a chilli festival on August 22nd. We'll had pods on display, hot sauce stall  hot sauce competition, pod tasting for the more hardcore! chilli tapas and live music!

2017 plants 2012 varieties! we'll be hooking out 8 at a time for seed isolation and wrapping un opened flower in tulle to keep varieties pure.   

Really nice, is it far away from Marbella? I live in Marbella and it would be fun to visit. Only issue is i will prob be in Sweden that date. Are you guys planning on more similar festivals?