favorite Chocolate/Brown/Black Habanero options.......?

Hi Guy's

2023 was a big disappointment re Chocolate Habenero all my Chocolate Habenero and Jamaican hot chocolate Habeneros were big disappointments ☹️
Nothing produced pods of any size and in any number.......☹️

However the Chocolate scotch bonnet from Justin white at White hot peppers was fantastic ! :thumbsup: 🙂 excellent all round heat big pod's and good production I'm growing it again this season 😎

Re Chocolate Habenero.............I'm giving it one more chance as I've heard its a great variety and well worth growing .............

2024 ......last chance for the Chocolate Habenero......... so I'm growing Habenero Chocolate from Justin at White hot peppers as I trust his advice and seeds 🤞

This has been the most frustrating variety to get to grips with
I'm not much into bonnets that aren't the classic jamaican yellow bonnets but based on your ravings about the chocolate bonnet I think I'll have to give it a try 🙂. But it'll have to wait for next season (planning ahead already 😁).