misc Chuhai!

This is one of the reasons I can't really bring myself to move back to the US. I love this stuff.

It tends to range from around 3% to 9% (often marketed as "Strong") alcohol content, and comes in a range of flavors that typically include lemon and grapefruit, then branch out. Since sweet flavors aren't as popular here as savory/salty/spicy/etc., there's usually a really interesting selection, which is often seasonal.
I'm pretty boring; I love my lemon chuhai (and I'm almost certain my local convenience store started stocking more after I moved here, because I do go through quite a bit). This particular one is a store brand for 7/11 -- Seven & i is their holding company; the whole thing is Japanese-owned -- and brewed by Asahi, same as the beer.
"Chu" here refers to shochu, a really cheap, often home-brewed liquor you often find where salarymen go to get wasted without breaking the bank. And it varies a lot; in southern Japan I had homebrew shochu made with massive dead bees mixed in that gave it a numbing sensation. Though not as much as habushu, which is also really awesome. "Hai" here comes from the transliteration of highball. So a meaningful translation might be "cheap booze mixed with stuff that tastes good." It's very popular.
Thanks to the holidays I'm currently enjoying this in the early afternoon on a Tuesday while my wife teaches a Korean lesson downstairs. Cheers! :D
luvmesump3pp3rz said:
i`m tryin` to wrap my head around this!?!?! so is it a boozed up carbonated lemonade? it sounds like it would be refreshing in hot weather for sure.
That seems like a reasonable comparison, yep! The carbonation is very mild. Which is great, since it means you can leave half of one in the fridge overnight and it's still passable as breakfast the next morning. Definitely great for summer, too.
Voodoo 6 said:
is this potion a +30 to charisma?
Well, in that respect, it's like any other boozohol: The first one is probably an actual temporary +1 to charisma, but past that, the perception penalty gets so severe that it stops mattering.
internationalfish said:
This is one of the reasons I can't really bring myself to move back to the US. I love this stuff.
Try Smirnoff Ice, I bet it's the same thing. A "malt beverage" with lemon.