frutescens "Chunpepe" a delicious wild C.frutescens from Honduras

I had no time yesterday, but here are the promised pictures. The plant is in a 18 liter pot:




Btw, the "Galapagos Habanero" from your seeds is also fine, and so the "Scotch Bonnet P.Dreadie" and "Cream Fatalii" are.

@cloudhand I'm having good results with the 7JPN x Moruga cross as well. It needed that extra cross for flavor, imo. I'm going to try to cross it with a donne sali this year to decrease the size (I want small, compact plants for my aerogarden) and genetic diversity. It's too bad the Chunpepe is a cross but I really think c.chinese can improve c.frutescens (haven't tasted any good cultivars). Perhaps these kinds of hybrids could be a bridge for c. eximium. Also, it's interesting there are no germination issues since c. chinese and c. frutescens hybrids produce partial fertility. Perhaps it's more generations than we think.
Edit: any pics of the 7JPN x Moruga F5?
I am sad to report that my chunpepe plant will not produce any pods this year. It actually stopped growing in June and hasn't progressed any since... very strange. It is good to see that yours is producing. Let us know how the pods turn out.
Dulac said:
Edit: any pics of the 7JPN x Moruga F5?
Not to derail this chunpepe thread too much, but actually after looking up my notes... the plant I have this year is an overwintered F4, not an F5. The F5 seeds I saved from last year turned out to be nonviable for some reason (most likely due to selected pod not being ripe enough.... timing issue with frost). Anyway, here are 2 pics of my plant from several weeks ago.