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CMPMAN1974 - 2023 GROW LOG

It has been a long time since I've been on this site. I like some of the new formatting on the GLOG section and such. Nice to see some old names from the past too. I am definitely growing less super hots this year than I have for ages. There are a few of course, but I decided to cut back some on them as after a while it's absurd in my eyes. :)

I'm trying to find some ways to simplify the garden a bit by making 30 inch mounded beds and 18 inch rows. I don't ever want to step on the bed material if possible. I have to make it more manageable as my lower back and shoulders are telling me to do it!

My grow as always is all over the board. The plants below are all F2s of a cross I made: CMPCR189. It has chinense, annuum and frutescens genes. Very stable as you can see. :) I will try to provide updates here for sure. I have not been as active as I was in past years. Lots going on as always.


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Not sure about the stability but they certainly are very colorful! 🙂
As an avid trawler of threads past, I’m thrilled! I refer to many of your posts while researching and really appreciate all you’ve contributed. It’ll be a lot of fun to follow your current grow!

CMPCR189 is beautiful so far. I grew CGN 22184 ‘Peach Frutescens’ last year, on your recommendation, and was intrigued by its flavor. I think there’s a lot of room for delicious “chitescens” varieties.