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commercial-kichen Cold filling hot sauce in facility with no cannery license?

Hey everyone! I had a question that I am hoping some more experienced hot sauce makers could shed some light on.
How is it possible to produce and bottle hot sauce in a rented commercial kitchen in squeeze plastic bottles without the need of a cannery license?
One of the commercial kitchens I did my first production run in recently posted a picture of a hot sauce company filling clear plastic squeeze bottles with hot sauce, and that hot sauce brand is sitting on shelves in NY Whole Foods. 
I was super confused because I've been on a very expensive and confusing quest to get my proper licensing and permits in place for cannery in order to produce a hot sauce the "correct" and "legal" way, and this has been the biggest blocker for me. I know for a fact that this commercial kitchen does not have a cannery license since I worked with them before and also confirmed again with them today. I also know that this company's hot sauce is not hot filled due to the clear plastic squeeze bottles.
I really want to work with this facility again and do my second run of hot sauce, and I am happy to adjust my recipe in ways that can allow me to bottle without a cannery license, but I'm honestly just super confused now.
Does anyone have an idea on how this might be possible? My hot sauce was tested recently via process authority and rated at a max of 3.5pH. When I emailed the commercial kitchen, they said that the hot sauce company that was bottling was "shelf stable and under pH parameters and its not a canned product" but the ingredients are relatively the same stuff I use. So what is the differentiating factor that allows them to produce there without a cannery license and legally sell in stores and ship?
Sorry for the long post, but I'm very eager to know so I can start producing sauce again but also very anxious because I have no idea what to do  haha.
Thanks everyone!