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Comptine's Veggie Glog

dragonsfire said:
Are you using a specific seed for those colours, or toss of the dice?
Was interesting to learn a while back that carrots were not originaly Orange.
I've got rows for each seed pack. The one that the purple ones were in was supposed to be a mix of orange, purple and white. I've gotten like two orange ones out of it, no whites, and something like 15 purple ones. I wish I could get at least one white. The same seed pack was used for the balcony experiment, I've got a box of soil on the balcony with a bunch of carrots, so maybe I'll get lucky there. The round/short stumpy ones are pariser markt. I've also got some Nantes and Kalina H carrots. Honestly, with the regular orange ones I really see no difference. The Pariser Markt are actually not as sweet. 
I just LOVE pulling carrots, you just never know what you're going to get! Starting to get some oddly shaped ones finally! 

I sort of have to start pulling a lot of carrots, the beans behind them are starting to shade the carrots. 

Also been harvesting peas this last week. 
Today's garlic harvest. Got some HUGE bulbs! 

I've got a bunch of them drying outside now. There seems to be different opinions on drying garlic in sun or not. 
dragonsfire said:
Look great !
Never had luck with Garlic, would rot always :(
Cheers, it's my first year growing them so I'm pleased. I pulled a few too early, but mostly they've been a good size. 
I pulled the last of my garlic yesterday, this is supposed to be a large variety. 

Harvested the very first tomatoes this year, one was Angelle I believe and the other one is a Russian one, translated the name is Raisin. But the 'raisin' is the larger one. You can see my garlic hanging out the back. 

These are adding on some size now. 

I'm getting small harvests of cucumbers daily now, so that's really nice. 
I thought I'd share a few more pictures with you guys. They've all been cycled through instagram so they have a fancy filter. 
I'm harvesting a bunch of cucumbers daily now. 

Found my first white cucumber, they aren't doing as well as some of the others. 

And finally got to harvest my first Aubergine of the year. 

The greenhouse makes such a good backdrop for harvest pictures. 
Also, I thought I'd throw this out here, if anyone wants to check out my instagram, it's sort of half veggie pictures half work out pictures. 
dragonsfire said:
great looking fruit !! one of mine is almost ready :)
Its amazing how precious they are when you grow your own lol.
They really are precious. They taste amazing, and it's always an adventure going out into the garden to see what ripe fruit or veg you're going to find. I like growing varieties I'd never in a million years would find in the stores. 
My growbag pumpkins are shaping up. I put a bed of straw under them. I've had one of each variety take, but nothing more than that, which is probably due to them not having much space to spread the roots.

Nice !
I got nothing again this year, wont try growing pumpkins again. Alll the flowers are male except one time and I painted that one and nothing happened :(
dragonsfire said:
Nice !
I got nothing again this year, wont try growing pumpkins again. Alll the flowers are male except one time and I painted that one and nothing happened :(
It's my first time trying, but I've only got one fruit on each plant, they have both aborted all other fruit. If I'm lucky enough to be able to harvest them soonish I might have time for a second set of fruit. These are not supposed to get huge.