pests Containers with Fire Ants

Had a real bad problem with fire ants in 2021. Took over my Containers and my little yard.
Going to try molasses and charcoal this year.
Has anyone had luck keeping them out of their containers in Central Florida?
Never had to deal with fire ants, but for ants in general a mix of 3 part sugar 1 part borax plus a little water to turn into a paste is an effective bait that eventually kills the entire colony when workers bring it back to the queen.
I had so many after turning the pots over and they had no home anymore they were even in the street.
Had to warn the people here in the park to stay away from my yard and drive for a few days My whole yard was moving.
Don't want that again :flamethrower:
I’m probably an hour or less from you. At certain times of the year I have Fire Ants coming out of my a$$!(figuratively)
I sprinkle Sevin Granules in my containers and HOT spots in the yard.


Ok, great will do.
I want to start messing with them before I fill my pots this year.
I had lots of peppers and lots of bites this past year:doh:
Started my plants late this year. well, some. want to go much bigger this year.
So no nasty ants my yard is too small:rolleyes:
I'm in Lake Alfred I think this place was built on a giant Fire Ant Mound🤪
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