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Corn made easy on small scale

Thought I would share how I do sweet corn.  I found a very easy way.  I start in floaters but plug trays will work just as well.  Although this sounds kind of nuts, planting a start is just as easy as planting seed if you are doing it by hand.  I mulch the crap out the corn patch, grass clipping and leaves.  After a few good rains, the mulch winds up being flat and almost like cardboard.
When it is dried out, I snap a chalk line.  I then sit on my butt with a tray and a pipe.  I stab the pipe into the ground where the corn is going to be planted.  Drop a 6" or taller plug into the hole and push the sides shut.  When done, I soak the heck out of it to get the mulch and dirt to settle against the plug a bit better.
Result - No weeding cause the corn has enough of a start that it chokes out the sun.  I do get some choker vines / morning glory, but not many at all.
:doh: it was a joke man....not about trays lol. but plugs......butt plugs, and the "phrasing" is something Archer says. He is a spy  ;)
wasn't a joke on you either so don't take it personal  :cheers:
Student of Spice, now my mind is stuck.  Follow the bouncing ball.

Have friend who is starting one of those subscription box things with pipes by Independent Artists.  It is aimed at medical users, comes with information on the artist, news on legalization, recipes for edibles, different stuff every month.  She has pre orders for annual subscriptions but not in production yet. 
I have always wanted to goof with lamp work glass.  So started thinking maybe I should make some pipes for her.  All different colors, shapes, swirls.  Now this post has me thinking butt plug of the month club.  Ye, thinking glass would be a bad idea but it is stuck in my head along with butt plug shaped pipes.  Ugggggg!!!!
Hybrid Mode 01 said:
     Ahem. Corhnole. BAM! Back on topic.
Ten years ago, moved to Kentucky, everyone was playing corn hole.  Bars had corn hole tournaments.  Festivals had corn hole contests.  Churches had signs out front about their corn hole games.  We had no idea what they were talking about and could not stop laughing.

THP, in the end it always with things going up the butt.