event Couple of Cook offs in NC

Hey gang. I know that Bubba was curious about wing cook offs and, of course, chili cook offs. Found these in my obsessive search to prove my worth by cooking chili for the masses.


I think I will be heading up to cook on the chili event, but I'm yet to be obsessed with wings ('cept for the eatin' part!!!!!) Looks to be a real family friendly event with things for the chirrens to do and of course a prize of 500 skins can really come in handy (if'n ya win!)

Is any one else going to Fire on the Mountain in West Virginia in July. I'm going for sure, and just wondered if there would be any friendly faces, or advice for securing rooms, etc. By the by, the first place prize is $10,000. (yep, that is not a clarical error, $10,000)