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Coyote Zan White

I am praying for stamina and longevity.  Had good starts on Scotch Bonnets too, and still wound up with only 4 plants surviving.  Over watering and winter didn't help, but that was a learning process, so I am hoping to get these moving healthily.  Troubled that I don't see any tails or sprout action on the other four varieties yet.  Trying to keep them warm, clean, and moist in coffee filters until I see definitive tails. 
One of my all time favorites. So fortunate to have been shared with on this one. It's one of those plants that before I even see the tag or the pods forming on the plant, I can immediately identify when walking through the garden. One of the most beautiful leaves in all the capsicum species. An emotional connection with this one. Its up there with Fatalii on my list. 


My first year with this pepper. I really like the taste and the heat is perfect for my taste. I like the compact habit of the plant.
I'll be growing it again.


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