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We currently have a hot sauce in production and the guide on this forum was extremely helpful for getting us started in the right direction.  We are thinking of making and selling some dry rubs as well, and I'm a bit more uncertain on what needs to be done in that instance.  Here are my questions -
  • What sort of review of the recipe is needed?  We are basically mixing dry spices together and dried, ground peppers. There isn't any liquid so I heard that makes things easier
  • Can we mix this at home or does it need to be done in a commercial kitchen?  The business is registered in MD, which has cottage food laws in place, but they don't mention spices.  I already have emailed the state, but have yet to hear back.
  • I've read some places that the scales we use for measurement need to be certified, what is the process for this?  Is it necessary or can we just overfill the bottle and avoid that complication?  I don't foresee us selling enough bottles that the increased cost/hassle of scale certification would outweigh the cost of the excess spices we would overfill.  This would only be done if it is required by law (and I can't find anything on that)
  • Sealing the bottles - there are few options, does anyone have opinions on which is best?  We are debating between the heat seals and the glue bead / pressure seals.
  • Sourcing the bottles - we were going to go with plastic bottles with a shaker lid.  Any recommendations on where to buy?  I've seen a big range in prices for what I thought was the same thing - anywhere from $0.30 a bottle to $1 a bottle.  Not sure why there is such a huge price difference.  Any thing to look out for and avoid?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Greetings, and welcome.

Most of these questions should be answered by your AHJ/inspector.

If you sell by weight of dry spice, the scale has to be inspected and authorized by Department of Weights and Measures, usually a state agency.

You can sell by volume....1 Cup...but that is not as accurate.

You might want to look into a copacker for the dry spice mix. They are pretty cost effective.
I have used Firehouse Flavors in Pennsylvania for a bulk spice blend weighing in about 1.5 pounds each. I have used Market Spice in Seattle for a run of small individual spice mix packets. Each packet mixed with sour cream and water makes about 2 cups of sauce. Each packet is about 2"x2".

Both of these compsnies can do a dry spice in jars with shaker tops. And there are a lot of other companies, maybe some close to you, that can do the same things.

All this being said....I do sell a dry spice mix in 8 oz plastic shaker bottles by volume. Very small scale. Shaker jars from Containerandpackaging. No minimums. The caps come with a pressure seal inside the cap.

Hope this helps.