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Cucumber, Water Melon, vine crops started indoors.

I hate starting things in the soil.  Much prefer starting indoors, mulching the hell out of a row, and then digging threw the mulch to plant something I started indoors.  Much less weeding required that way.  Thing is, I usually screw up and start my vine crops too early.  The vine bends over the container, gets a kink, and dies.

So in past, just planted in soil after last frost and weeded the crap out of it before mulching around the seeds that pop up.  This year, lots of plants moving out doors earlier due to having a high tunnel.  So have lots of room in grow room.  Want to start even vine crops indoors again.

What is good timing?  How long before plant out should a person start vine plants?
I do 4 weeks before the last frost as well. This goes for my melons, cucumbers, pole beans, morning glories, and anything vine like. Anything longer than that and my seedlings will start to out grow their pots or my growing area. Also I usually start my *vine* plants in toilet paper rolls because of their height and its cheaper than buying bigger seed starting pots  ;)
I start most of my "vine" crops inside as others have said, about 4 weeks before last frost... except this year, somehow with all the peppers, I forgot to start them. ( I did start some Korean Cucumbers that are more rare)
I still put mine in dirt inside this last week even being late, I find this way I do not waste space on bad seeds or weak plants.
Most all of mine I start 2 to 3 weeks before Mother's Day for my plant out. They grow very fast under the right indoor environment therefore 4 weeks or greater is too much time for me. 
I start my cucumbers about 2-3 weeks before planting out. By planting out I mean planting them in my greenhouse. Normally I wait until night temperatures are at least 6C degrees outside, that means that the temperature in the greenhouse is good enough for my cucumbers.