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Curry Tomatoes 2021

I have 5 plants, each a different type.

Golden jubilee
Golden King of Siberia
Sunrise bumblebee
Abe Lincoln

I do not have much experience with tomatoes. Last year the plants were all completely eaten by deer early in the season. This year I put up a little fence which has worked so far. I am sure they could jump it, but that would leave them in a tight uncomfortable space.

Plants are doing well so far. They have grown just above the height of the cages and most are bushy with lots of growth.



A groundhog dug under the fence, ate many of my tomatoes, and damaged the tomato vines.

I had been leaving the groundhog alone, but it might be time for me to try to remove it from my yard.

Sunrise bumblebee are delicious. Sweet.

The animal(s) had eaten all of the large tomatoes, but they left many of the cherry sized tomatoes on the vine.

I put out a trap for the groundhog, and instead I have caught two raccoons. Not sure if the raccoons were eating my tomatoes along with the groundhog, or perhaps I was confused and the groundhog was never to blame.