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Currypeppers 2023

I started 4 pepper plants in late December, and I started the rest of my pepper seeds last Sunday.

This year I kept the seed starting simple and planted directly into coco pellets. No soaking the seeds in water or peroxide. Thermostat on heat mat set to 85F.

I checked them this morning, and MOA scotch bonnet and Lemon Starrburst sprouted in less than 1 week. A couple other varieties look like they are about to push through the surface.

I am pleased with the simplicity of this method. Less steps compared to paper towel method. I am also seeing less helmet head seedlings. I decided not to worry about wasting seeds and put 5 or 6 in each pellet.

My plan is for one plant of each of the following:
Lemon starburst
TFM scotch bonnet
MOA scotch bonnet
Lemon spice jalapeño
safi red
St Lucia seasoning
Craig Jalapeno
Jimmy Nardello
Sweet chocolate pepper

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The tomatoes and pepper plants have filled in the available space and are now growing as a tangled mass.

It has been interesting to see how different the growth is, crowded and well supported plants, compared to well spaced plants trying to support themselves. I didn’t realize peppers were capable of such a vining type growth.

Productivity has been such that I have more than I can pick, and probably more peppers than I would use in 5 years. I have been going through a lot of hydroponic nutrients. I switched to Masterblend since it is cheaper than general hydroponics.

Next year I need to try something different to reduce excessive wasteful yields. I could prune the plants to smaller sizes. Another idea is growing the peppers in my Mr Stacky vertical garden which has relatively small containers for each plant.

Photo here shows scotch bonnets and Trinidad pimento picked yesterday.