flavor Cut list

No. Not "Shit List" by L7.
I used to grow a shit ton of chiles every year. If you want to see what I'm talking about check my growlist on my profile. But now I've cut it down to what works for me.

Bolivian Rainbow - substitute for peri peri, works better in my climate.
Goat's Weed - proper burn
Chile Rayado - depth of flavour
Primo - amazing flavour and heat
Red BrainStrain - as above
Yellow BrainStrain - probably my favourite
Bhut Jolokia - nostalgia

We all love the flavour and the burn.

How has your taste and growing list evolved FFS :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I can kind of relate to this "less is more" mentality, although I might have a hard time cutting back to just 7 varieties as you have. In the past, I was eager to try as many new pepper varieties as possible every year, and I would typically start around 60-80 varieties each season. It can really be a lot of work to manage so many plants, though.

For the past couple of seasons, I have cut back on the number of plants and taken a somewhat more balanced approach. This year, I "only" have 24 varieties started. Six of those are returning favorites (Aji Fantasy Orange, Aji Rainforest, 7 Pot Burgundy, Bahamian Goat, Orange Blob, and SB7J). There are also 15 new-to-me varieties, plus 3 of my own crosses. And that is it. I still get to try some new things each year, but it is simpler to manage this way rather than starting 60+ new varieties every season.