Dancing as I Grow WILDS etc. "Chutney" Style '21.

:dance: Here is the beginning of my WILD glog ..as promised..let's have some fun... party..dance! :dance: 
Cardenasii 20491


Cumari Alongado

Cumari Minas Gerais
Cumari  Passarinho
Cumari Selvagem

Cumari Vermelna

Galapagoense CGN 22208

Guyana Bird

Red Wiriwiri


Ulupica La Paz

*****Yellow Wiri Wiri....finally ......searched FAR & Wide(WILD)..finally got from country of origin. :dance:



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wiriwiri said:
Duly noted....CGN 24360  henceforth will be with name that being BB Habaneros...thanks Paul. ;)
Sure hope I don't have to wait till April for all my seeds to pop...these Cumari seeds are going to take their time  if thye all do show up,esp.,
now that I have "iffy" seeds...I recall last yr I got some seeds of C.Flibu from PG & they took over a month & then they all showed up in 2 to 3 days or so.
I had the same experience, Sandy. 2/3  of the seeds popped within a couple of days.
Will send seeds of what ever Cumari plants grow...so far nothing on the Lance 26...BUT noted with glee,the 2 heldover plants showing
some awaking S&S  tiny  leaves...these are the reg lance...last yr all the flowers fell off...???  maybe b/c it was placed near the Blue
Mystery :rolleyes:  & that induced  shedding ....who knows /mystery??...said plants had fruits before...I plan on repotting  as/when allowed...will see.
I grew Pollux yrs ago & last yr...that's a nice one.the flower /leaves special..do para eh/not as.
My Lanceolatum hasn’t germinated, yet, either.
This is my second try with CD’s seeds. Going
to let them go the distance, this season. Still


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CaneDog said:
That's frustrating to hear.  I hope the Lanceolatum come through for you both.
These little guys are just tough to get going. I'm having
the same issue with recopica and rhomboidium. I figure
if any of those germinate it will be icing on the cake this
These  are additions to those mentioned above
Trinidad Perfume ..              Tybo
Pepper Peach                     Tybo
Aji Dulce #2                         Tybo
Purple Tobago Seasoning   Tybo
Bahamian Goat
Aji Mango                            Tybo
Scotch Bonnet         Alan Boatman    Tybo (so glad to have this one especially)
Brazilian Starfish   ORANGE
Scotch Bonnet TFM           Paul
Merci Beaucoup to Tybo & Paul for sharing these seeds with me. ;)

They sure caught on quickly to the Chutney music...lots of fun...however he clearly stole the show. :dance:


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Your grow is becoming more complex, Sandy!
Always room for one (?) more, right! Tybo did
right by you, for sure. PPATB!
Good luck with the TFM. One of the better SB's
I have been able to grow successfully here in PNW.
Beautiful NE day in the Nutmeg State ....not much photos in the tank to post save this of my fav Wild & it's con't 
growth & development...this is the one I've posted much of as it's yield was so high in ~4/5 mths had >70 pods
stopped counting...took ~ 30 pods off that were ripe & here's the remaining some  still green...still in the beverage
cup (photo plant sitting in  big pot)...my conditions vary from yours obviously...so different results..my take away as
I have 4 others that are still hibernating/OW   is that  the larger the pot the less production/easily adaptable to
indoor with decent light...this one has been home schooled...went outdoor for photos..the others will end up outside.
Also the hot sun does a # on the leaves...as stated YMMV. :P
Seedlings need to be upgraded  ..been real busy & the weather has been cool at nights for tender annuals.
down to 30's & low 40's...& I don't feel like schlepping pots...it's early yet.  Memorial D  is the official plant
out/thou' some cheating allowed. :rolleyes:

Here's a fantastic song to go with a lovely day...  REGGAE STYLE....Lyrics hit home as there are  so many people
at the food pantry  nearby & all over  the USA...so many mouths to be fed...help if you can pl...it will make  your day.
Hello friends/Romans & fellow countrymen....defined pepper heads...its been a while since I posted..popped in a few
times to answer emails...been quite the season ...mostly d/t the variance in the weather pattern here in the Nutmeg State,
resulting in for want of a better word"inconsistent" growth...haven't seen this up & down temp slide before & being busy.
Lots of rain/flooding...hey who sent us all that rain...many farmers had no crop fields depleted...bugs.
July 50's ..October 70'sF..I'm sure that I am not the only one...so bottom line I haven't been on.more so the site was being
upgraded to what we have...changes but we live in a world where change is inevitable...thankful for THP.
So I don't have as much photos to show..and lost some of my seedlings.I do have yellow wiris as a new one .and c.selvagem,
the other cumaris as seeds were few. & did not make it???.no biggie.I did get nice results form
the TMF SB from Paul and the cgn 24360...both lovely..Thanks Paul.:Pone I did manage to get the Orange Fish to produce.
My C. Lanceolatum which was struggling to begin with ...well status quo...probably will ditch it..it's pathetic looking.
I'll post a few here & post some more later on...hope everyone is well despite Covid & it's ramifications,my antibody level
just got a boost.
yellow wiri wiri



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Hi Sandy! Good tp see you are well and chugging along!
Your plants do look great. So glad the TFM and the 24360
have done well for you. The 24360 overwinters well, and
mine has been a solid producer for three seasons. Your
TFM has some nice pods on it.

As for pic delete. Next to the thumbnail in the bottom of the
edit window there is a little trash can. That will delete the pic
in question.

+1 @CaneDog - the yellow Wiri-Wiri is most cool.
Thanks Paul...will have to play catch up at your Wilds site...hope you had a decent yr..I will save some seeds of the
yellow wiri and surviving Cumari Salvagen..I have some others that I am just drying now and will email you with
what I have...happy to share..I also have luffa seeds .


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I enjoyed growing the seeds you sent this season, Sandy.
I have seeds from two Cumari Selvagem, an annuum and
a praetermissum, both from @leo72. I'd love the yellow
Wiri-Wiri, though.


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Looks like you are firing on all cylinders, Sandy!
Can I send you any seeds, Purple Thunder? Trippaul Threat?
Anything from my profile list or grow logs is fair game.