favorite dark or purple foliage types discussion

as i'm sure many of you do as well, i quite enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of pepper plants which grow purple or dark leaves, stems, and sometimes even the pods.

i would like to get your opinions on which are your favourite types to grow, or of equal or greater importance, which to avoid.

all thoughts are welcome, and in as much detail as you like. i would think the main criteria to consider would be:

practical 1. taste, as ornamentals can be quite awful
practical 2. likelihood dark trait actually manifests itself
practical 3. good production

aesthetic 1. striking foliage
aesthetic 2. contrast (or not) of leaves to pod colour
aesthetic 3. overall plant shape and growth habits

so, are you infatuated with the dark side?

"forgot" to add so as not to taint/clutter the OP, the seed vendor i've been using has several varieties which are potentially interesting to me:

-red gum tiger X choc. naga brains
-purple tiger X peach bhut jami
-purple death
-PdN X reaper orange
-mojo black
-jigsaw X bbm X yaki blue
-maldavian heart X purple bhut
-7 bbg dream
-black panther orange

if anyone has any comments regarding these kinds, i'd be keen to hear them.

but this can totally be just a thread for the appreciation of all anthocyanin expressions...
Krishna Jolokia, you definitely can't go wrong with this one. Dark stems, dark leaves (when the plant grows they simply turn dark green) and purple flowers. Good production of pods that ripen from black to dark smoky red and with very good flavor, in line with the best Thai ones. The heat does not disappoint, perhaps around 100k shu 🤪
I still love to grow Mojo Frutegum, which is a BB7 derivative.
The plants have lots of purple tinge to the stems and leaves.
But of course, their bleeding calix is the icing on the cake.
I'm growing the MA Purple and Purple Peach Reaper this year, and both of my plants have purple leaves. This is my first time growing either variety, as well as my first time growing any purple pepper plants. So I can't really talk about the pods they produce as of yet.