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DC Moruglah

Don`t know that one. I know the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend has been crossed with the 7-pot douglah, so potentially that would be a Moruglah. I do not know anyone with seeds, though.
Can you post some info on the DC Moruglah, please?
 This is the first time I've heard of it, it must be a new cross, it is very unusual.
Sorry I don't have any seeds of it to share.
Might try posting it in the marketplace maybe one of the vendors might have it,
Didn't I read it somewhere here that Hammerfall created this cross as well as a few others?
Yep here's his quote
One of mine is the
DC Moruglah (F5 generation underway)
DC (my initials)  MORUGLAH     cross of MORUga and douGLAH
Also got some interesting cross that i have not named yet cause they are just F1
For example i have a "NOT PEACH" peach Bhut  which is a cross of Butch T and Peach Bhut Jolokia
why im sure it's a cross of that ?  cause i had one plant of Peach Bhut beside my 2 Butch T last year and i hand polinated all those 3 plants with teh same brush and kept some pods of those peach bhut  jut for fun!     Got a very nice surprise seeing  pods in my plants grew from those seeds this year with a long wierd shape Orange super hot pepper :)  
Ans i have a Mystery pepers that is f**king Hot also and nice looking...    will find a name later....
Those 3 will be grown under carefull isolation en generation selection to have something nice in the future :)
Ooh! Thanks Chris,I didn't read it that carefully..sometimes I read too fast,thanks :)
But hey,that is one BEAUTIFULL looking pepper :p don't you agree Chris Kewly ?
Yep That My beast ;)
it's a cross of Moruga and 7 Pot douglah
currently Generation is Seeds to have the F5 plants  (will grow probably 100+ Plants next summer and select carefully for the F6 Gen )
In my basement i have 2 plant of F3 and my best F4 plant   will try to keep them alive and try to check for weird pod that can appear from those generation also.