preservation Dehydrating Multiple Items Question

I think I know the answer to this, but I'm curious to see if anyone has tried dehydrating peppers and other fruits at the same time. Peppers on one or two trays, fruits like banana slices, etc on other trays. Have you experienced any flavor or heat transfer? I'm sure some of the pepper liquids/oils would transfer to the other fruits through vaporization or in aerosol form.
Anybody done this successfully without transfer?
I've not been able to do it without transfer.  Sometimes the transfer is good (multiple fruits lend some flavor to each other) and other times it's not so good.  
Ditto - not done without transfer. But, hey, it's kind of fun to mix chile pods and stuff others don't know will end up HOTTT!!!!  :lol:
Yeah, that's kinda what I expected. I'm making the nanner slices and all family friendly, so I'll have to wait until the peppers are done and clean the racks really good.
I have done peppers and apple slices with no heat/flavor transfer. I was worried about heating up the apple slices on the kids so I put them on the bottom rack. My dehydrator pulls air up (probably all do, but what do I know) and blows out the top so I put peppers on the top trays. No heat or pepper taste, just delicous apple slices