preservation dehydrator pepper consistency

I used a dehyrdrator on some pods (the food dehydrator by mr coffee model fd5) for around 12 hours, and noticed that the texture didn't seem right (still had some movement in the pods and wasn't fully "Crisp".
I then placed them back into the dehydrator a few days later over night, probably for another 12 or so hours. The pods didn't get any smaller and still have some movement. They are wrinkled and dry looking, however some of the peppers are still flexible. They can bend in half without breaking.
Can anyone confirm the right texture and drying I should be shooting for? I am assuming they should crumble with ease and not bend without breaking. As of right now they would not grind into powder as they are two flexible.
When drying, the pods were cut in half, and into smaller pieces.
The dehydrator has no temp Gage and doesn't say in the manual the expected temperature that it operates at.
I am considering upgrading to this : 
as it has a temp gage
The bad thing about dehydrators with no temp gauge is just like cooking in a smoker without one. You have noway of knowing the temperature. As for time and what you should expect, most all my pods take several days. You should be able to flex them and they shatter, you do not want elasticity or most likely there is moisture. 
The link you provided is what I used for the most part and have 3 of them with 12 trays each.