dehydrators Dehydrator Shopping - How Much Do High Temps Affect Color?

Uncle Eckley

It's beginning to look certain that I'll have quite a lot of peppers on my hands before the end of the year.  What I've harvested so far has either been used right away or left on my kitchen windowsill to dry.  I've been looking at dehydrators.  I was all but settled on El Cheapo here - resolving to air dry any pods whose seeds I'd want to keep - until I read that high temperature dehydrating damages the color of the dried pods.  Just how bad is this effect?  I'd like my powders to be pretty..  This looks like the temperature control version..
Also, has anybody got recommendations on inexpensive grinders, please?  I presume I'd want to dedicate this appliance to chili grinding..  MRS is in the market for a nice conical burr grinder for our coffee.  "Couldn't you just use that?" she asks.
juanitos said:
i have one like this (looks like they updated the outside but pretty much the same as my old one) 
set to lowest is fine, but you're right the medium+ heat does discolor pods.
Got one on the way.  Thanks, all!
Uncle_Eccoli said:
Got one on the way.  Thanks, all!
that's the one I have. I dried 100's of pods with it last year.  you'll like it.  the one thing I don't like is that the trays are too expensive. I think this model can run up to 12 at a time.