wanted Demon Habanero - Steve Foster (aka SBS, Scotch Bonnet Steve)


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I know it's a long shot, but thought I'd check to see if anybody has this variety. It was a creation of Steve Foster (RIP), aka SBS (Scotch Bonnet Steve), Riser, and others most likely. Some of the folks that have been playing in the pepper world for quite a while may remember him, and hopefully still have some seeds for Demon Habanero, or any of his creations for that matter.

Here's a link to an old article by Steve, with a pic of the Demon Habanero: Steve Foster

If you have any seeds, regardless of age, I'd like to try and grow them.

Happy to pay.

...come on now. It's the Holidays and you got some time to go look in your seed stash. How 'bout it OGs? You know who you are. @smokemaster, where you at?
smokemaster, where you at?

DR, I haven't seen Smoke post in awhile and below is a THP "lift" of his last visit here.

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@The_NorthEast_ChileMan Thanks Paul. Yeah, I haven't seen Mike post anywhere in quite some time, but I thought I'd send up a "smoke" signal. :D

While searching for SBS seeds, The Hippy Seed Co popped up with a "SBS Demon", that looks like this. Certainly resembles the pic of Steve's habanero in the article above. I ordered seeds on 12/22 and they arrived 1/10. Not bad, considering the time of year and the distance traveled. Thanks THSC!

I also received seeds for "SBS Ornamental" from a fellow THP'er. Pretty plant! Thanks again (you know who you are @CaneDog lol)!

So, I'll at least be attempting to grow these two SBS creations this season. If I find any more varieties, I'll give them a grow as well.