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lighting Desk Lamp Grow Light

Ok. Sorry for the second thread about grow lights, but this is about another grow light and its usage. Thsis one is a simple desk lamp with a full spectrum NOMA LED grow light bulb. I had seen something like this for sale online, but I picked up the lamp used cheap today online, and a local hardware store had the bulb on sale for just over $4 CAD. I had just wanted to give this a try because I do not yet have a grow tent, and did not want to set it up for just one plant that I am currently germinating the seeds for in a coffee filter. What I am mainly looking at is has anyone used something similar in a setup, and most importantly at what distance should this light be from the plant when it is germinated and has started sprouting. I am aware of the 18" - 30" for the larger purple grow lights such as the one that will go into a grow tent, but this one is different. Thank you in advance for any help and or insight into this.


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i bough one like that for my pepper that had been growing for about a year already under another bigger lamp and then changed to something like that, it didnt take so long before that plant started to look depressive and switched back so i would like dragon says keep a watch over it.
Great, thank you for the input as it is exactly what I was looking for. I guess I could have been a bit more clear in what I said earlier. I had originally intended for it to be used to start the plant only and not fully grow it as hopefully I will be able to have it catch up to the rest that have already started a while ago in the window, then I will plant it outdoors. We still have feet of snow on the ground with more on its way, so I do have time!
That bulb is not bright enough and has a very low electrical efficiency (= rip-off). What you want are standard 17.5 W 2500 lumen 4000 K (neutral white) ones. I use these regularly for raising my plants indoor. You definitely don't need special spectra bulbs. A higher lamp would be much better to spread the light more evenly at a later stage. And you need several lamps. I use a combination of floor lamps and "architect"-style swing arm desk lamps.
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Ok. Well, it has been a short while, but now my two little plants have started to show themselves, so hopefully tomorrow evening I will be able to hook up my light and see how it does. I am very interested.

And on another note, since space is limited, I also ordered one of these for fun. Going to try it out with a pepper at work on my toolbox. It is small, and easily concealable allowing me to try this in a workshop...... I can't see it really working all that great, but thought it would be fun to at least try!
i would agree with Karpasruuti, i did the same. bough purple lights, and it started to get annoying as it lighted everything up so it looked like a purple disco. can even see the lights from the outside of the house, so i ended up building a box for the lamp so the light gets entrapped inside the box rather then lighting up the entire room of a purple color
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