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plant Do I have Naga Jolokia?


I grew out a couple plants from Naga Jolokia seed train seeds. They don't look like the pictures I can find of the ripening pods.
The plants are growing narrow and tall with pods pointed upwards so far. They dont seem to have any heat while green.
I did have one early pod ripen to red that had plenty of heat.
Are these similar to Nagas's others have grown?


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I dug into the seed box and found the packet I grew from. I had it labeled Naga Jolokia PC-1. That would be how it was labeled on the seed train.
I did another net search and some pictures popped up that look like my plant. Hippy seed company sold them at one time.
Here is some info I found. I think this may be what I have.


Species: Frutescens | Origin: India | Heat: Medium

The real deal is a Chinense, but there are also Annuum & Frutescen versions (shown here) grown across the world which are no where near as hot. The anuum version is sold under the name PC-1 in the US and the heat level is medium/hot (at best) despite the claims of 'ebay seed sellers'. The 'real deal' is reputed to be even hotter than the offical world record holder the Red Savina Habanero. We believe the 'real deal' is probably the Naga Morich from the descriptions we have read.


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Yep. First time I grew it was 2008, so it's been around a while. Initially, people were confused and thought they were growing the new World Record holder at the time - Naga Jolokia. There was talk about a Frutescens version and an Annuum version of the PC1. I think I grew the Annuum version. Cayenne level heat, as I recall. Makes a good powder.
Yeah, there's seems to have been a lot of confusion and misinformation around the PC-1. I've grown the/an annuum PC-1 variety for a while now and it's a good pepper, though not particularly hot. Actually, Downriver, you're the one who clued me in to use the pods to make powder. I've grown the frutescens PC-1 for a couple years now and it's hotter - useful like a thai pepper. It's the Indian PC-1 frutescens john has at HR Seeds.
I think these are destined to be powder. Thanks for the suggestions.
Perhaps the seeds made their way to the 'train' from a DR or CD contribution? I didn't think to mark my sample with the source.
Not from me, though I'm curious to have a better look at my own frutescens PC-1 tomorrow when I go over to the community garden to water. I'm curious how similar it will look to yours. Last year I grew only a small one for isolated seeds and it wasn't really comparable. Your pods are definitely heavier than mine were. This year I have a bigger plant in the ground so maybe it will look more similar.