Do you sell seeds? Lets make a list.

Our farm's main focus is selling fresh produce.  Since we are seed savers to perpetuate that effort, it seemed natural to become seed sellers.  So it might sound counter intuitive to want to create a list of THP folk who sell seeds, but I like the idea of keeping things in the THP family.  I know I am looking for new variety this time of the year, so I figure most others are too.
So if you are a member of THP who sells seeds online, please share your web site, ebay page, or where ever it is that you do business.  If you know a valued THP member who sells seed, please share their information as well.  But please do not include merchants that don't contribute to THP even if you think the world of them.
Stop being lazy and posting all your threads in the Lounge, I have to move them all. :lol:
Self-promotion needs to be in Promotion. Moved.
Ye, it does look better in promotions but self promotion?  I really want a list of THP seed sellers.  Was going to wait a few days, do it for hot sauce, pods, powders, then hit you up for the idea of making a directory.
AJ Drew said:
Ye, it does look better in promotions but self promotion?
Yes well aren't you asking sellers to list themSELF?