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recipe Does anyone use software or complex spreadsheets to develop their recipes?

I'm only one round of fermentation into my journey, albeit it of three different sauce variations, which are bottled and being eaten, and I've got another another two batches fermenting as I type, with another batches being made later this week but I'm already thinking about how best to document my recipes so that I can iterate and improve them. And perhaps more importantly, recreate them precisely when I hit upon something that really hits the right notes.

When I make each batch, I weigh everything in grams, I try to keep as many written notes as I can, and I take pictures too. But reading back through scribbled notes can be a lot of a hassle. So I'm trying to make a spreadsheet that I can input the handwritten notes into. I've figured out how to have it tell me the percentages of each ingredient, and their total combined weigh. I'm also going to make a point of weigh the finished yield with the next ferments, as I would like to know how much sauce is kept from going in the bottle by drops, spills, pH tests, tasting etc. I'd also like to measure the next batch volumetrically, so eventually I can estimate how much X number of grams of a given set of ingredients, results in Y amount of sauce in milliliters. It's almost certainly overkill but I'm having so much fun.

All this data geekery is making the spreadsheet either too cluttered, or too complicated for a spreadsheet novice. So I was wondering whether anyone can recommend some software that would fit the bill (lots of bonus points for something that's FOSS)? I'd also very much appreciate it if anyone would be so kind as to share a spreadsheet related wisdom or samples.

You can stop reading at this point because I'm just gonna go off on a bit of a tangent....

I've also got a couple of hygrometers that I used to track the temperature and humidity of the little corner of the kitchen where my ferments are hopefully just the right temperatures.... I'm kind of thinking via the keyboard at this point but I think it'd be cool to compare the environmental data against the pH readings, and see whether there's a clear correlation.
As a small-batch copacker - we are very meticulous with our recipes, and love Excel!
Excel is the best ad-hoc tool out there. We have a saying that all data always finds its way to Excel.