heat Dorset Naga! Could it really be the hottest ever?

Hi Everyone

Could it really be that the Dorset Naga is the hottest pepper in the world!

The reason I say this is based on a weekend of testings/tasting with a fellow hooked hot head!
On arrival self & fellow hot head went out into the garden to do some serious selective pod picking, I named all the varietys as we picked them, by rank and file you know, this one is F*%$in hot mate "Hottest in the world", "Hey! the Poms reckon this one is hot!","This ones from Trinidad","This ones from central Africa" You know the full one minute education on the whos who of hot peppers....

Well.... we did our tastings, method being Jatz and sour cream with sliced fresh pods. Bentalphanerd put me onto eating and tasting pods like this. It works very well allowing you to taste the pods flavour and experience the heat of the pod on a more manageable level :lol:.

To cut it short I lined them all up in I what I determined to be mild to wild. At the very end was Butchs T Scorpion my Naga was second followed by the 7pots Douglahs Fataliis and so on. Half way along the line we got to the Dorset, taste was very nice alot like the Bhut Jols but WOW! this pod kicked so hard and hurt so bad my teeth were aching... fellow hot head wanted to call it quits right there! I talked him through it, we had another beer and I finally coaxed him into further tastings down the line, we did them all and got a good idea of what each was capable of. On completion I went back to another Dorset Pod saying that I was completely surprised at the intensity of them! Yet again! the Dorset hammered my senses...

Hot head called today calling me all the so an sos on the earth had a giggle and reckons hes keen to pipe up again.

Anyone else have similar experiences with the Dorsets?

Mine grow like a mini Bangladesh Naga with lots of thorns poking out evil looking critters they are, source was from my mate Micca.

My personal observations are that dorsets and morich's were extremely hot but definitely not as hot as 7pot/pod or Trinidad Scorpion-BT
you do get very freaky peppers as I got a simple looking Jalepeno which got me jumping .
It all depends upon some freaky conditions/attack of insects/Fungus to set the pods at high altert by infusion of capsaicin in larger quantity.
Stressing a plant can definitely lead to hotter peppers, but even without stressing they should be killer hot!
I would love to see picks of yours spikey naga, I want to grow spikey pods soo bad but i have a problem growing nagas for some reason:(
Never grown a Dorset but many of my Naga Morich have those thorns. Their small size and intoxicating smell with searing heat make them a must have, but not as hot as the true 7 Pod. Would be happy to send the Brain Strain your way, I grow'em but fear eating them. You have always had a weakness for the Nagas billyboy.
Man, the 7 pot, trinidad scorpion, naga and bhut need to be tested at the same time to settle this.
But i get the feeling this is not going to happen for a long time
will this ever be settled though?
we know that different growing conditions, climates, methods etc etc can all influence the heat level of chilli pods, so it's a very diverse subject, & not to be judged conclusively on the premise of a single experiment.
my own philosophy is;
For myself the Dorset doesn't whack my mouth as much as a 7 but it is a different story about my body. It seems to turn my thermostat up a couple of notches and heats my whole body starting with my face.
I got two Dorset Naga babies growing, and all I can say is, regardless of whether they are the 'hottest' or not, I can't wait to chomp down on a fresh one!

Now, If only they would hurry up and grow...!!
The heat I experience from the 7s & the Scorps is instant burn, slight loss of breath and a harsh taste Ive termed battery acid! and the duration of the burn nowhere near the length of the Nagas. Where with the Nagas I get flavour & the deep long building burn.

That Dorset pod was very nasty... It felt as if all my teeth were actually aching and the duration was three times longer than what I normally experience.

Ill post a few pix of the plant and some pod pix this weekend. Ive had the plant a few years now and never really took much of a liking to it, it got instant respect after what its pods did to us.
Don't know about hottest in the land but it's obviously the hottest in your garden. Can't wait to see the pics. Be great to watch a video of you and your mate munching on one.:P