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water Drip system specs for potted plants in the desert?

Going to have 6 -10 plants on a drip system. My courtyard gets some pretty decent sun in Las Vegas but I have two trees which provide some shade. I already have a drip system in the house that I bought but want to modify to add to my own plants. I plan on putting them into each grow bag individually, but how many GPH should I use and how many times a day should I water? I heard 9 times, 3 in AM, afternoon and PM for 7 mins each time, but not the GPH was not specified. Thanks !
I will not help you with the schedule of drip system but my approach to auto watering is going to be a system called blumat, Not sure if its available in the US and not sure I can paste any links here so google it. But with blumat you never have to worry about schedule, it keeps the soil moisture at constant level to your (or rather your plants) liking :)