Dyna Glo wide body's coming home

So with $200 amazon points from work and keeping my eye on price redutions from amazon this $350 side fire box smoker costs me $37. Nice winter project as I continue therapy and get stronger. Have mods lined up and my daughter will be fabricating and welding a wheeled frame that it will be mounted to make it more accessible and easily mobile for me. Can't wait.
:clap: That thing looks awesome!! I know there is a faction of people that think Dyna-Glo is just another cheapo grill/smoker company like charbroil and brinkmann. Those people are wrong, I did a lot of homework before buying another gas grill earlier this year. And what I noticed about Dyna-Glo is they pay very close attention to the complaints in their reviews and upgrade the products every year or two to improve any complaint areas or parts. While the others make the same pos for a decade and never improve the trouble areas. I bought their Smart Space Living 3 burner ($200 on Amazon prime day) and its the best gas grill I've ever owned. I highly recommend it to people who cant afford weber. BTW it will cook circles around any two burner weber.
If i didn't already have a Oky Joe Longhorn, I would be wanting one of those phat beauties.
Sorry for the highjack Wimpy  :P Just felt Dyna-Glo needed some praise for being the best affordable grill/smoker co. these days
:cheers: Happy Thanksgiving!
Dont be sorry. Look at these specs;

6 cooking grates TOTALING 1,890 square Inch of cooking area
1,890 square Inch of total cooking area
Charcoal & ash management system includes charcoal chamber, charcoal grate & removable ash pan
With that and its square profiles makes it easy to insulate and skin. Will be insulating firebox and cc. Really easy on fuel also. Now i'll be able to smoke several #'s of peppers at once along with some ribs at the same time.
Sausage hooks will really help. Mods will come in around $150.
Going thru past posts and here ya go, got back to it and finished it off for now. Cost wise I went with a Gorilla Cart and mounted cooker to it. Being able to easily move it around and standing while tending smoker make it more enjoyable.
Looks great, @Wimpy69! 🔥 The two welded pipes on the side of the firebox… are those for more airflow (intake)? Where’d your exhaust pipe go? 😳

I’ve never cooked on a cabinet style smoker before but, it looks like there’s quite a bit of room in that thing! 👍🏻 Pork shoulder looks amazing too! 🍻
Yes, upper(secondary) air inlets. When I'm up to temp I cut back my primary inlets (split- 70% above grate 30%below) and open upper to allow fresh air for secondary clean burn. Really efficient and can get 4+ hours burn time before refuel. Use a charcoal starter then feed wood/charcoal. Oem chimney was way undersized and wouldn't draw enough to move heat thru so I opened it up to 4.5". For now I use piece of flashing rolled up x 8" and adjust that to control temp also. Look at top of smoker, you can see it sticking out from welding blanket.
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