heat Ed Currie's newest hottest pepper

Don't overthink it guys. "x" (lowercase x) is just shorthand for "cross". So "peach reaper x" = "peach reaper cross", nothing more. "Pepper X" (uppercase X), on the other hand, is a temporary name that Ed Currie gave to his new pepper just until he comes up with a better name for it. 
And yeah, I agree about naming conventions being confusing, as the names can be pretty arbitrary, with people just pulling whatever random name out of their back pocket and running with it. And then you have peppers with multiple different names for the same pepper, like the Bishop's Crown has. Yeah, it can be confusing. But this is what we have.
I think what AndyW meant was that if you write: "Ghost x " without a second pepper to indicate the cross that you are saying a bee visited your ghost pepper flower.  But yes I can see someone writting Pepper X as a place holder.  Woohooo, two new rules.
Ares Schizas said:
"Pepper X" is a nice name though, they should keep it. It will make the pepper stand out from all the other peppers with cheesy names.

And it will open the door for the Zombie Pepper: Pepper Z
Im pretty sure Pepper W is on its way.. Pepper Wank?

Sorry, Ive had a bit to drink. I really do hope someone would just come out of nowhere and take the title. Someone who just grows chillies cos they love chillies and not marketing.
AJ Drew said:
Then again we could go all biblical and have a Pepper Omega.
Ooooh, aka The Apocalypse Strain?
How about the Andromeda Pepper? That's a good name in my book.
Mr Currie better release some more gossip so we can get this thread back on track! XD :rofl:
ThatBlondGuy101 said:
Mr Currie better release some more gossip so we can get this thread back on track! XD :rofl:

Why?  We have already managed a Zombie Pepper and an Andromeda Strain, both of which could lead to the Apocalypse Strain.  I think we are doing just fine with our own gossip.  What we need now is a fictitious character.  The evil scientist who crossed Zombie with Andromeda to create the Apocalypse.  Maybe the evil guy in Get Smart.

Now what I wonder is how ridiculous could the story get before people realized it is satire.