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Why not have a 30 minute or less window in which you can edit your posts. That would give you plenty of time to edit a post for spelling or punctuation. Leaving the editing option open allows folks to damage the integrity of a thread. In some cases people edit so much you cannot even decipher the thread.

Also remember the one guy that had all the posts about worm composting, he got upset and deleted a lot of useful information. That would have been prevented.

After the 30 minute window closes, the only person that should be able to remove or change items should be a mod.
Well sometimes I say stupid stuff when I am drunk and when I awake from my slumber I can edit them. ;) But I do see what you are saying . I think 24 hours would be a better number.

The Hot Pepper

I have done it before and people couldn't edit things like grow logs when they wanted to update the first post. Rare, I know, but some people update first posts. I do see it as important in the sale area so sellers can't change terms. Also no need to edit super old posts. Problem is it is a global setting not forum-by-forum.

I'll look into for the future. Would like more control over it before I set it.
Thank you, after a thread has played out, coming in and editing your aggressive posts leads to a false pretense on the editor's part.

It happens frequently.
In the sales thread for instance, sometimes folks need to update quantity ,,or add a new item.
Even to lower prices if need be.

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