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End of season questions

Hi again all, This is my first end of season with these hot peppers. They're in 5 gal. buckets

Next week we will get a couple nights go down to the 30's (f), -1's (c). but it's supposed to earn again for a few days after that.

Can I just cover the peppers?

Also, I have a ton of green datils, chocolate habs, fatalii, cayenne and unripe thai red and tobacco, I'm not sure they're going to ripen. Not only is it getting cold, we're getting little sun, most days are overcast.

When is it too cold to keep them out and is there any use for the unripe peppers?

Will the paper bag trick work? If so can i throw them all in a bag together? Can they be frozen or fermented? I just hate to lose all those pods.

We've had such a crazy growing season. Thanks

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Chewi said:
Where are you located? Can you bring em in overnight or put them in the garage for a night?

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Thanks, I'm in Pa zone 6b.. there are 11- 5 gallon buckets and 6-18 gallon ones.. it would be easier for me to cover with plastic but I'm not sure if it's worth it if I don't have enough time to let it all ripen before frost hits. Three zone map says Nov 1-15 but it's been my experience it's earlier here in Pittsburgh.

So I'm trying to figure out what if anything can be done with the unripe peppers. If frost hits them will they die? Can i still pull whatever peppers are left after a frost?

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So I'm kinda on the other side of the spectrum here in Southern AZ. With temps only now lowering the morning d 90s during the day and mid 60s at no gut all my babies are blooming. It only took me 3 years to figure out how to have this process. Starting seed in late spring and plant them in late summer. Now I have seedlingsz whitch I'll plant in January.
Covering them will be fine. I have had brown morugas uncovered weather as many as 3 frosts and still flower. You will be good till a solid hard frost. then there will be no question as to when the season is done.