auction ENDS TODAY! Benefit Auction #2 (of 4) for 96strat (eBay) ENDS 7/7 17:55 PT


eXtreme Business
ENDS 7/7 17:55 PT
This is a benefit auction for The Hot Pepper member 96Strat.  Andy has been battling cancers for a while and with no health insurance, any help we can give will be greatly appreciated. 
Auctions #1 and #2 are on Ebay, Auctions #3 and #4  are here on The Hot Pepper.
over 75 seed varieties donated by an experienced THP grower.  Check out the link above for a list of all the different seeds
4 sauces from Shorerider, a great Aussie sauce maker
1 YR EXTREME MEMBERSHIP (or renewal) $35 value


BID ON EBAY, not here!
Please post links to these auctions on your social media accounts to get some interest going.  Thanks!
Auction #1 on Ebay- Extreme Heat Lot- 3 Pure Evils, 4 Extreme heat sauces, seeds, and Extreme membership on THP
Auction #3 on THP- DeeRoo sauces and salts, GIP's powders and jelly, Extreme membership
Auction #4 on THP- Warrant Man sauces and salt, Salsalady's sauces and salt, Extreme membership
Oh, freak! Are there 6 bottles of sauce?

This auction is eBay, I will update the listing as I can. Please confirm to me detail. THANK YOU!
moruga welder said:
 This is Great !   Thank them for me , my friend ,    :party:
Shorerider said:
I've raised another AU$40 from a donation for two more bottles of my sauce.  :metal:
This is great !  :clap: 
Think how much additional $ could be raised  :think:
locally from people that may not be able to afford final bid price...
Every dollar raised help$ :)
If you can afford to donate; even locally raised money from people that do not yet know about this pepper community, but are willing to pay you for your pepper goods. that is still an excellent contribution  :metal:
Please donate to the cause even if you cannot afford to bid on any auctions yourself.
sharing this community fundraiser on your local message boards / social accounts, would be super helpful too 

at the very least it is promoting the pepper community and THP  :D 
hopefully others will want to bid on some of these items too ...