grills Eureka! Gonzo Grill - Sweet!

I kind of feel like I graduated today. Ha! I just used my new propane grill for the first time. Yesterday I assembled it and spent the requisite time seasoning the cast iron grill plate. For being a table-top grill (which I got for car camping), it's got some sweet features:
- Already noted is the cast iron grill plate. Flat surface on one side, raised grilling pattern on the other side.
- Inner cooking ring can be used instead of the grill plate when using pots/pans.
- Full temperature control from simmer to oh-my-gosh-that's-hot! with 4 full turns of the dial.
- Fits 4 boneless chicken thighs (splayed out) on the grill plate. 
- The entire drip pan easily comes off for cleaning.
- Standard attachment for a 1-pound propane bottle.
- Optional attachment for a 20-pound propane bottle.
- "JetLink" port allows daisy-chain connection to other JetLink-compatible cookware, so you can use 1 propane bottle for up to 10 cooking stoves/grills at the same time. 
The grill comes with a cover only, so I also bought the optional carry bag. Finally, I also picked up the JetBoil Genesis Base Camp stove. I'll try it alone this weekend then will link it to the grill to give the combo a try. 
This grill is perfect for my car camping needs. For that matter, with just me or me and one guest, I may well ditch the electric grill and use this at home.
Pics or it didnt happen! In addicted to grills right now, mainly Weber, and just got a Q the other day, with plans of flipping it. I have a jumbo Joe for camping.

That said, I wouldnt mind seeing this bad boy, and the linking system sounds pretty cool.
geeme said:
Pics will happen next time. Today was the learning curve day, with instructions in hand. If you want to check out the linking system now, though, Eureka's website has a video on the grill page here.
i checked out the website and it looks nice. i would want the 20 LB gas bottle though. the 1 LB is just too small. 
MSRP is US $190. Right now REI has them on sale for US $100. Not sure how long the sale will last.